How To Get Glowing Skin Naturally

Every woman loves to have radiant glowing skin. This is the sole reason why cosmetic companies are making billions today.

These days hundreds of beauty products are available that claims to give a radiant & glowing skin within few days. But most of these products contain nothing but harmful chemicals that badly hurt skin and leave it dull and dark.

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How To Cut Your Cooking Time In 30 Minutes With Even Greater Results

If you are a busy mom, doing full time job, love to whip up amazing meals each night but having trouble to come up with exciting meal ideas you can prepare in less time while having great results and appreciation from family then try 30 Minute Meals by Rachel Ray.
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3 Key Decisions You Need To Take Today To Make Effective “Personal Development Plan”

The real secret to bring positiveness and attract good things in life is to recreate your life with an effective personal development plan.

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5 Ways To Become Instantly More Attractive Through Lifestyle

And you wonder why it has to be so hard?

(Here's a hint – it DOESN'T HAVE TO BE!)

Most of the women I've coached over the last 11 years are women who are sincere and really try to learn the best way to meet men, but still struggle... 

...and I hate seeing how frustrated they are 

They tell me how they've read every book out there on how to meet men. 

They tell me they've tried every “trick” and method that are in those books -- yet it still isn't working and
they're not meeting (and more importantly not ATTRACTING) men. 

Do you ever feel like these women do? Do you just want to know it's not working for you? 

I HAVE GOOD NEWS – and I'm here to tell you that your frustration can come to an end ... PERMANENTLY! 

What I see so many women missing in their approach to learning how to meet and attract men is that they don't ENJOY THEMSELVES and their life... 

...and, YES, this does impact your dating life! 

Meeting men is not about memorizing rules, or learning “do's and don'ts” - there are some great “tips” I can give you about how to but that is only a small part of the equation. 

Being “attractive” starts with you understanding that YOU have the power to be attractive RIGHT NOW! 

By creating an amazing lifestyle and being passionate about the things you do, you will start attracting men instead of spending your life chasing them and hoping you'll connect with them. 

Men (and everyone in fact) are attracted to positive, fun, interesting and well-rounded individuals. 

If you're miserable or doing things that you don't enjoy, you are not going to meet men no matter what system or methodology you use to do it. The reason is that no one wants to meet someone who is miserable or spending their life doing things they don't like. 

So before you go out and try to meet men, you need to first figure out how to create a passionate lifestyle for yourself. 

Think for a second about the kind of men to whom you are attracted. Most people are attracted to people who are positive, energetic and interesting. Now think about what type of person you are right now. 

Are you that positive, energetic and interesting person I just described, or are you someone who is miserable and angry because you FEEL like you can't meet someone? 

It all starts with creating an amazing lifestyle for yourself, so that you feel great and will attract amazing men into your life. 


I want to get you started right now on creating your amazing lifestyle, so to give you a little incentive to get started - here are 5 ways that doing so will make you instantly more attractive to men: 


One of the first (and most important) things you need to do to create an amazing lifestyle is to take a very critical eye to your current work environment. Because work is something most of us HAVE to do, we sometimes don't expect that it is also something we can want to do (or at least not hate doing). 

Think about your current work environment. 

Do you have a boss who is consistently demeaning? Do you dislike most of your co-workers? Do you dread going into work every day? 

If your work environment is toxic and causing you to be miserable, then it's time to reevaluate whether it's time for a change. If you are working in a toxic environment, consider whether you are staying there because you are comfortable and don't want to have to push your own boundaries. 

If you stay in a work environment that makes you miserable and angry, then understand that miserable and angry is what you are going to project to everyone around you (whether you intend to or not), including to the people you have been trying to attract. 


So many women go to places they believe they “should” go or “have to” go in order to meet men, but which are places they don't enjoy being at all. 

Is it really any wonder they have trouble meeting men in these places? 

Instead of going to places where you're not happy to try and meet men, pick five things YOU really love to do. Think about what your five favorite things are to do. 

Then ask yourself whether there are men present at each of those five things. If not, then go deeper and find five things you're either already interested in or about which you would like to learn. 

Then go to any of these places to meet men. When you go to places that interest you, you'll already have things to talk about and will naturally bond with people. 

The reason you have trouble making conversation with men in a bar (or other places you may not enjoy being), is because when you're someplace you really don't like you have to manufacture conversations instead of just talking about what's already interesting to you. 

***TIP #3: BE OPEN*** 

Positive people are open to new experiences. So instead of expecting to meet men when you go out and getting totally disappointed if you don't, be open to what the day or night might present to you. 

Being open means talking to everyone with which you come into contact, and not only being friendly to men you find attractive. Just because you are not attracted to the person you're talking to doesn't mean you shouldn't be open and friendly. 

You never know, for instance, if that person may have a friend they're meeting later with whom you might end up totally connecting. 

So be open to anything and everything, because people who are open to whatever presents itself to them always meet people. Remember that every connection you make with someone leads to another, and you never know what (or who) that next connection might bring into your life. 


Here is a concept that so many women do not understand and which keeps them from meeting men... 
One of the biggest parts of being attractive to men is being approachable. That means when you go anywhere, don't just “show up.” 

You need to embrace the moment and approach everything with a child-like enthusiasm. Smile, talk to people, ask questions and ENJOY YOURSELF. 

During a recent coaching weekend with several male clients, instead of just “taking them out to meet women” I took them to the beach and had them build sand castles. The reason I did this was to teach them how to have fun again and not to be so serious. 

This concept is true for women too - If you're serious when you try to meet men, then you're not having fun and that is not attractive. 

Life is about having fun just like you did when you were a kid. You are attractive when you're enjoying yourself and your life. 


If you've been wondering how all these “public perception” type of tips relate to how attractive you will be to men – here's where I will show you how the way you behave in public will affect how successful you will be at attracting men. 

It's called attraction for a reason... 

When you walk into a place and you start talking to a bunch of different people, other people will line up and want to talk to you (including those men you've been trying so hard to meet). 

If you're angry, you are going to attract angry people and you will spend your day in constant confrontations. 

If you walk around in life having fun, having casual conversations and enjoying every step of the journey – even if you're just running an errand to the market – you are going to attract great people into your life. 

People are attracted to people having a good time and who are enjoying their life. No one wants to hang out with a person who is pouting, folding their arms and looking miserable. 

That's why it's so important if you want to attract men that you create a lifestyle. 

Creating a lifestyle is all about learning to genuinely enjoy your life every day. Do things that you love and enjoy them. 

Embrace every single moment. 

By doing these things, you will NATURALLY START ATTRACTING MEN! 

By being more open, not only will you start talking to more people but more people will notice your openness and start talking to you. 

Being more open also makes you more memorable. 

So why continue to chase after men you want to meet when you can start attracting them? YOU have the power within you right now to attract the men you want to meet RIGHT NOW and every day! 

Create an amazing lifestyle and be passionate about the things you do, and you WILL start attracting men. 

Start taking responsibility for your own dating life, and you'll start improving it immediately! 

You deserve to enjoy an amazing dating life. 

If you want to learn more about how men REALLY think, and how to create a fun and amazing dating life where you will never again be confused by men, then CLICK HERE for more information.
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ATTENTION! Hollywood Hotties Revealing Their Secret Diet-Plan for Staying SLIM & SEXY

Have you ever wonder how Hollywood celebrities always look fabulous.

Whether they are appearing on television or films or strutting down the red carpet during movie premiers and awards, they fascinate everyone with their charisma.

It might feel that they are blessed with all this charm and beauty naturally but the fact is they work too hard to look the way they are.

Besides clothes, hair and the make-up, celebrities have to take care of their bodies as well.

When it comes to stay fit, these stars have their own diet secrets. Their health agenda can range from extreme workouts to well-planned meals.

Here are the secret diet plans followed by Two Gorgeous Woman Hollywood Celebrities.

Angelina Jolie’s Secret Diet Plan To Stay Slim

A secret every woman love to know   

The queen of hearts follows a “stone age diet” to stay thin.

She is admitted that she is fond of sea foods such as mussels, crabs, prawns, tuna and more. This Hollywood diva avoids sweets, food based on wheat and red meat.

Her major emphasis is on raw salads, fruits and soy milk. Steamed meat and vegetables are also included in her diet plan.

A report says that Angelina used “Garlic Tea” to lose some extra pounds after her pregnancy.

Angelina’s another less known diet secret is that she never eats less to lose weight. Her motto is to eat healthy for having perfect shape and stunning looks.

Her weight loss plan is the perfect combo of healthy diet and proper workout to lose those extra unwanted pounds.
Jessica Alba’s Diet Secrets To Stay Slim

 Jessica Alba is one of the most slim and sexy babes of Hollywood. She is the role model for women who really want to stay in shape.

Some sources informed that Jessica is on healthy diet since the age of 12.

Jessica Alba’s typical daily diet plan is quite healthy and nutritious.

According to Jessica, she eats low calories and high protein breakfast like egg white omelet and fresh fruits (especially peace) or cottage cheese that provides her energy to carry on her day chores as well as provide her vitamins and antioxidants necessary for healthy glowing skin.

She takes low calories salad for lunch. She completely avoids heavy salad toppings like mayonnaise.

She usually ends her day having white meat (fish or chicken) and vegetables in dinner and fruit or frozen yogurt as a healthy dessert.

Like Angelina, Jessica also followed a healthy diet along with daily 1 hour workout on a treadmill to maintain her fit body.

What Makes Celeb’s Diet Plan More Effective?

Hollywood celebs never solely depend on diet to maintain their fit bodies. They have their personal workout trainers who plan special workouts to lean out specific muscles and shed extra pounds.

Obviously you can’t get access to those personal trainers but you can learn secret workout sessions they plan for their celeb clients.

Well! you might be thinking how could you know celeb’s secret workout plans?


Recently I found an excellent book by Alyssa Shaffer, fitness director of Fitness Magazine, where she is sharing interviews of top celebrity trainers revealing all specific workout secrets of their celebrity clients.

For Example: Mike Alexander (Jessica Simpson's trainer) sharing useful exercises for abs used by his celeb client.

The book itself called THE A-LIST WORKOUT and is probably the best book on Hollywood celebs workout secrets.

You’ll find lots of successful workouts of celebs. All exercises are explained thoroughly by expert trainers and are followed by black and white photos for better understanding.

Take Away:

Healthy diet plan followed by effective workouts surely bring remarkable changes and help you to get in perfect shape faster. All you need is to follow suitable diet-plan and workout till you get desired results and even after that to maintain good physic.

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Dramatically IMPROVE Your Dating Success and Enjoyment

Yesterday when I opened mail box, the subject line that immediately got my attention was

“Why do I always fail at dating?”

Do you feel the same way and wonder why your all efforts failed when it comes to successful dating.

OKAY, if this is you then you should read this post till end.

I won’t share the email as it was requested to keep confidential but would share proven to work step-by-step dating strategy that you can use to dramatically improve your dating success and enjoyment.

First take a look at the problem.

The biggest dating mistake most of women do is they approach dating in a careless manner as if their actions were dictated by instincts and they have no control over, like it is with animals.

The difference, of course, is that humans have an infinitely superior intelligence that provides us with the ability to THINK, ANALYZE, and CHOOSE.

Read these words again THINK, ANALYZE, and CHOOSE.

Mastering these abilities can change everything in terms of how successful you are in dating.

This includes having the ability to recognize early when it's time to move on (yeah sometimes moving on at right time open up better opportunities), but also how to create romance and passion with the person you have determined to be a promising match.

Let me explain how you can develop these abilities to enjoy successful dating experience.


The biggest reason most of the women fail in dating is they don’t have a goal.


Even for successful dating you should have a definite goal in your mind. For example what you want out of dating? What timeframe you expect? Looking for some serious relationship or just want to spend a good time? Do you want to get married in couple of years? If you do, then approach dating accordingly.

The bottom line is…

Take honest evaluation of yourself.

If you are confused about what you want from a dating then you won’t enjoy your time and end up with complain of dating failures.


Do not permit physical attraction (or lust) to cloud your judgment. When this happens, your vision begins to fade away, and you risk the chance of fooling yourself into believing that you have found the one who's right for you. Don't allow physical attraction to obscure your emotional requirements. Because when you find someone who satisfies both, the fireworks will be a continuous grand finale', and not a brief show followed by a string of duds. So don't settle for an individual who falls short of your vision.

Dating Tip 1: To quickly determine if someone meets our criteria, we need to pay attention to our intuition and not be timid about attempting to determine their true character through tactful questions.

Tactical Questions:

Keep the conversation light during the first few dates, but try to tactfully find out if your date has the qualities you seek in a partner or friend.

Dating Tip 2: And don't tell them your whole life story and all your intimate secrets right away. Prolong the mystery. In fact, always try to maintain some degree of anonymity in some area of your personality or life, as it naturally provokes more excitement. Mystery is a mental aphrodisiac!

Take notice of your date's personality attributes and how they demonstrate their values through their actions and unrehearsed comments. Then ask yourself, "Do their responses reflect my values?" Human resource professionals carefully use crafted questions to get people to talk about themselves while they unwittingly reveal key aspects of their character.

Dating Tip 3: Questions like these, used in a date setting, can also be revealing as well as lead to stimulating conversation.

On the first few dates, your questions should be geared toward discovering what you have in common and generating stimulating conversation. Save the more probing and tactical questions for a later time down the road. Typical questions might include:

- Where did you grow up?

- Do you have brothers/sisters?

- Where did you go to high school/college?

- What are your favorite movies?

- What are your favorite songs?

- What are your favorite sports?

- What type of books do you read?

More probing questions, which tend to reveal a lot about a person, should not occur until the third or fourth date. You can keep them from sounding like interview questions by presenting them playfully in a game-like manner. Probing questions might include:

- Where do you see yourself in three (3) to five (5) years?

- Using single words, how would you describe yourself?

- What's your greatest achievement?

- What's your greatest disappointment?

- If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?

- What is your best attribute?

Here are a few words of caution regarding the use of questions.

Dating Tip 4: If you're dating more than one person at the same time, and you have any tendency to get confused about what you've talked about with each individual, I would suggest that you make notes on what you talked about in your journal or calendar. Nothing is more disappointing to a date than when it is discovered that you can't remember what you spoke to them about.

Dating Tip 5: On the other hand, nothing is more charming to them than when you remember specific details about your conversation.


After the ninth (9th) date, it's time (once again) to evaluate whether or not you want to continue the relationship.

Dating Tip 6: Again, review your criteria for an ideal partner or friend.

At this point, the idea of breaking it off can be painful. But if it's not working by now, I can assure you, it probably never will! So if your evaluations on this person are coming out poorly and they have few, if any, of the qualities you "must have" or "cannot have" in a relationship then you need to face facts.

Dating Tip 7: Don't rationalize! Don't sell yourself short! And don't waste anymore time! Think carefully about the conclusions you came to in your evaluation. Make a decision, and don't look back!

If, on the other hand, you determine that the person you are dating matches your criteria for an ideal partner or friend, and you feel that the chemistry is right, then continue on without fear, without hesitation, and without measure of what you expect to receive in return!

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How To Control Facial Oil

If you’re having trouble with facial oil then I recommend using freeman clay mask, mint and lemon because unlike other oily skincare products it is consist of all natural and un harmful ingredients and helps to control facial oil for long time .

It is a thick clay mask, as it should be, with pleasant lemon and mint fragrance. It dried quickly and leave your skin glowing and refreshed.

Description: Freeman’s Facial Clay Mask, mint and Lemon is best for combination, oily and problematic skin.

Key Ingredients
Lemon Extract
Kaolin Clay

-Visibly reduce large pores
-Relieve problematic skin
-Reduce excess oil and maintain natural ph
-Deeply clean pores and give radiant skin

How To Use:
For best results use freeman’s facial clay, mint & lemon mask once a day for best result and follow up with good moisturizer. Specially use this product in summer for deep pore cleaning to avoid pimples.

Weight: 6 fl oz (150ml)
Amazon Price: $3.99 $2.99

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ATTENTION! Don't Buy African Mango Pills Until You Read This

African mango diet pills are in buzz since 2010 and claimed as top selling weightloss product of 2010.

Many people suffering from overweight, want to try African mango diet pills, have some natural concern about the product and the most common one is "Does african mango diet pills really work?"

Although African mango diet pills are heavily claimed as successful weight loss supplement but many people, like me, loved to research a product thoroughly before use and/or recommend to anyone.

If you're also looking for African mango diet pills but not sure is it for you, how it will work or what are possible side effects then you must read this post till end for researched analysis of African mango diet pills, real life reviews and hidden facts that no one has told  you yet.

What Is African Mango and How It Works?

Scientific Name of Fruit: Irvingia gabonensis (the most common name for the supplement)
Common Name of Fruit: African mango, African wild mango
The African mango is a rare fruit and found in the tropical forests of Africa and is also cultivated on farms in central and western Africa. Research on African mango shows beneficial effects for diabetes and obesity as well as other health problems.

According to various clinical studies of African mango, its seed extract (Irvingia Gabonesis) is proven to burn fats & calories safely and boost metabolism so that food we eat is used for energy and not stored as fat.

Dr. Oz explained that Irvingia Gabonesis acts like a super potent fiber that is good at removing cholesterol from your body. It helps lose weight, lowering cholesterol levels, and improving control of diabetes.

Sources Of Research:


African mango is a just a fruit like any other mango fruit that comes from Africa and African mango diet pills is an extract from the seed (Irvingia Gabonesis) of African mango found in Cameroon west of Africa.

One cannot enjoy the real benefit of fat burning capability of this fruit in its real form. The secret is the seed contained in these mangoes. Those seeds have been used for centuries in Africa for their wide-ranging medical benefits including boosting the immune system and increasing energy.

If you want to take full benefit of it then you should take total of 300mg of seed extract (Irvingia Gabonesis) a day. 150mg before breakfast and 150mg before lunch.

Is It Worthy To Invest Your Money In African Mango Diet Pills?

The answer of your biggest concern, i.e. Is it worthy to spend in African mango diet pills, isYES. It worth every dollar you spend to buy African mango diet pills as compare to other diet supplements.

Real Life Reviews About African Mango Diet Pills - Real Users

How African Mango Diet Pills Are Different From Other Weightloss Supplements?

One week ago I offer a small survey to my blog readers regarding African Mango diet pills. It was a short and simple survey consists of 10 questions and a chance to get one of their questions about African mango pills answered.

Surprisingly the most commonly asked question was "how african mango diet pills are different from other weight loss supplements?".

African mango diet pills are different from other weightloss supplements in certain ways.

1. It has a record of many successful university research studies and real life weight loss success stories. There are lot more supplements but none of them have such a huge research studies.

2. It is recommended by the most trusted health care professionals like Dr, Oz.

3. African mango pills are 100% extracts of West African Mango hence it has no harmful chemical. While other diet supplement contain harmful chemical for fats burning.

4. African mango pills also help to lower "bad" LDL cholesterol and blood sugar levels. Obviously no other diet supplement is formulated to do this.

5. African mango diet pills Acts as detoxifier. It helps to break up waste and cleanse your body. Other diet supplements are just formulated for burning fat and lower appetite.

6. Other diet supplement required you to do intense workouts to lose weight but African mango diet pills can help to lose 20-28 pounds in 10 weeks or about 12 pounds per month, with no change to your lifestyle.


Published in the journal of "Lipids in Health and Disease." The study was conducted on 102 people split between those taking the African Mango and those taking the placebo.

According to the study taking African Mango resulted in "Significant improvements in body weight, body fat, and waist circumference. African Mango (Irvingia Gabonensis) administered 150 mg twice daily before meals to overweight and/or obese human volunteers favorably impacts body weight and a variety of parameters characteristic of the metabolic syndrome."


Who Could Use Natural African Mango Diet Pills?

African Mango can be used by women, men, and even elderly people. It is equally useful for those who want to shed just a few pounds and for those who need to lose more than 20 pounds.

Are African Mango Diet Pills Safe?

African mango diet pills are gaining more and more popularity as a safe and effective diet supplement for shedding extra pounds. It is clinically tested and approved diet supplement for losing weight without any harmful side effects.

Many celebrities are also admirers of African mango diet pills. Dr. OZ, a famous nutritionist, in the segment of Dr. Oz Show Today suggests African pills (or Irvingia gabonensis) to those who want to lose weight fast.

He explained that African Mango acts like a super potent fiber that is good at removing cholesterol from your body. It helps lose weight, lowering cholesterol levels, and improving control of diabetes.

What Are The Possible "NEGATIVE" Side Effects Of African Mango Pills?

Clinical studies enrolled a small number of patients, and mild side effects were documented. Adverse reactions included headache, dry mouth, GI complaints, sleep disturbance, and flu-like symptoms.

Some people are allergic with African mango so they may face some negative side effects of it but pure African mango diet pills are generally safe and healthy to lose weight.

How To Use African Mango Diet Pills To Reduce Chance of Adverse Effects and Burn Fats Fast?

If you are not allergic with African mango and are using 100% pure African mango diet pills then you can reduce chance of the most possible side effects and burn fats fast by completely avoid caffeine (tea and coffee) and using African mango diet pills with decaffeinated honey-lemon green tea.

Does This Pill Interfere With Other Medication?

Limited information is available regarding drug interactions. So you should consult your health care professional before any interaction.

Do I Have To Exercise And Diet In Order To See Results

The clinical studies showed that people lost an average of 28 pounds in just 10 weeks without any remarkable changes in their diet and physical activities.

So, you do not have to change your current diet and workout schedule.

However, in order to achieve desired results fast I'll recommend some sort of exercise with healthy diet.

Where To Buy 100% Pure African Mango Diet Pills?

Due to breakthrough success of African mango diet pills there are many people who are selling fake African mango diet pills, nothing but harmful weight loss pills that cause serious health problems.

Therefore you should purchase African mango diet pills from trustable source and made by reputed manufacturers.

I always recommend African Mango Plus to my readers. It is manufactured by a trustable company and consists of 100% pure African mango extract.

If you want to lose few pounds every month using healthy diet supplement then you should go for African Mango Plus.

FYI: This product has 150 mg of african mango extract per serving and you can use it twice a day to lose your desired weight.

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10 Ways To Empower Your Communication

There is so much to know about conversation that anyone, even I, could ever realize. You can go though watching talk shows; radio programs; clubs dedicated to public speaking; ordinary conversations; certain rules still apply when it comes to interaction through words.

It may sound tedious, I know, but even though it's your mouth that's doing the work, your brain works twice as hard to churn out a lot of things you know. So what better way to start learning to be an effective communication is to know the very person closest to you: yourself.

1. What you know.

Education is all about learning the basics, but to be an effective speaker is to practice what you've learned. My stint as guest at every Toastmasters' meeting I go to taught me that we all have our limitations, but that doesn't mean we can't learn to keep up and share what we know.

2. Listening

It's just as important as asking questions. Sometimes listening to the sound of our own voice can teach us to be a little bit confident with ourselves and to say the things we believe in with conviction.

3. Humility

The absolute worst way to impress listener is to slur words, stutter, and probably mispronounce certain words even though you know what it means.

So in a group, don't be afraid to ask if you're saying the right word properly and if they're unsure about it then make a joke out of it. I promise you it'll make everyone laugh and you can get away with it as well.

4. Eye Contact

There's a lot to say when it comes to directing your attention to your audience with an eye-catching gaze. It's important that you keep your focus when talking to a large group in a meeting or a gathering, even though he or she may be gorgeous.

5. Kidding Around

A little bit of humor can do wonders to lift the tension, or worse boredom when making your speech. That way, you'll get the attention of the majority of the crowd and they'll feel that you're just as approachable, and as human to those who listen.

6. Be like the rest of them

Interaction is all about mingling with other people. You'll get a lot of ideas, as well as knowing what people make them as they are.

7. Me, Myself, and I

Admit it, there are times you sing to yourself in the shower. I know I do! Listening to the sound of your own voice while you practice your speech in front of a mirror can help correct the stress areas of your pitch. And while you're at it you can spruce up as well.

8. With a Smile

A smile says it all much like eye contact. There's no point on grimacing or frowning in a meeting or a gathering, unless it's a wake. You can better express what you're saying when you smile.

9. A Role Model

There must be at least one or two people in your life you have listened to when they're at a public gathering or maybe at church. Sure they read their lines, but taking a mental note of how they emphasize what they say can help you once you take center stage.

10. Preparation

Make the best out of preparation rather than just scribbling notes and often in a hurried panic. Some people like to write things down on index cards, while other resort to being a little more silly as they look at their notes written on the palm of their hand (not for clammy hands, please). Just be comfortable with what you know since you enjoy your work.


And that about wraps it up. These suggestions are rather amateurish in edgewise, but I've learned to empower myself when it comes to public or private speaking and it never hurts to be with people to listen how they make conversations and meetings far more enjoyable as well as educational.

Most Recommended Books For Improving Your Communication Skills


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How To Make Healthy Onion Soup

Follow these steps to make healthy onion soup.
  • Cut four large white onions, not sliced.
  • Place six ounces of butter in a large saucepan over the fire, and add chopped onion into it.
  • Stew this very slowly for one hour, stirring frequently to prevent its scorching.
  • Add salt, pepper, cayenne about one quart of stock, and cook for one hour.
  • Add one and a half cup of milk to that mixture and stir for few minutes.
  • Beat four egg yolks with two tablespoons of grated Parmesan cheese.
  • Add hot soup into this (egg yolk and cheese mixture), beat until it thicken.
  • You delicious healthy onion soup is ready.

Serving Idea:

Serve onion soup with a slice of toasted French bread.

Share Your Own Onion Soup Recipe With Us.

You can make $$$ if your recipe get selected to published on this blog.

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How To Lighten Skin?

When you think about glowing and radiant skin what comes in your mind?

Probably a FAIR Complexion.

However you react on it but the fact is

People associate beauty and glow with fair complexion. Probably that is the reason why unilever (a multinational company) is making millions selling Fair and Lovely only.

Having a radiant fair complexion is a dream of every woman. Especially Asian women are very concern about their complexion. That is why Asian markets are considered profitable for skin whitening creams.

Nowadays lots of quality products are available in market that can help to lighten skin by reducing melanin, a pigment responsible for darkening of complexion.

Right skin whitening cream along with some home remedies can help you to lighten your skin and get fair complexion. You can practically lighten your skin tone with right products without damaging your skin.

Visit: How To Lighten Skin? to find out best herbal skin whitening products and proven to work grand ma's beauty recipes for glowing fair complexion.

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4 Unusual Ways to Get Perfectly Glowing Skin

Every woman loves radiant, glowing and fair complexion. The reason why cosmetic companies are so successful is hiding in this one sentence. But have you ever think that what a beauty is? Where it comes from? Cosmetics can only enhance your outer beauty but when it comes to natural beauty, it only comes from inside.

External skin care is also essential but to have perfectly beautiful and glowing skin you have to feel beautiful inside. Your self image plays very important role when it comes to glowing skin. You have to eat healthy food and exercise right also.

I have created a lens to discuss some unusual ways that will be helpful for enhancing your beauty from inside. You'll find useful reading resources and exercises to get perfectly glowing skin naturally.

Read : 4 Unusual Ways to Get Perfectly Glowing Skin and let me know what you think about these unusual get glowing skin practices.

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Four Simple Practices To Build S.E.L.F Confidence

What came in to your mind when you heard the word CONFIDENCE.

Probably a bold and attractive person who has courage to take his own decisions. Who has guts to follow his will. A person everyone admire and want to be like.

Confident personality always gets warm welcome everywhere.

Keeping those things in mind I wrote an article about building self confidence in four simple steps.

(I really love things to be easier :-) )

Here I am using acronym S.E.L.F where each letter denotes a simple practice you can do to build a confident  and attractive personality everyone love.

STOP­ Being Shy

Simple and most important practice to boost your self confidence is to get out of your shy zone. Shy women are generally not found it easier to meet new people. They can’t get along with strangers.

Shyness is considered as key sign of lack of confidence. In order to have an attractive and confident personality you must get out of your shyness zone.

A simple exercise to become confident is to do one thing each day that you normally feel shy to do - start a conversation with a stranger, or overcome a fear of yours.

As a matter of fact many of attractive women are those who can easily get along with strangers. Men find those girls attractive who can easily mix up with their circle.

ELIMINATE All Negativities

Almost everyone have heard the hit single 'Don't Worry, Be Happy' by Bobby McFerrin. The song has a very catchy way of conveying its message of being happy to everyone.

Everyone one of us face disappointments and struggles, but a confident person see the positive in every situation.

To achieve fully confident personality you need to learn how to handle negative situations. Once you eliminate all negativities out of your life your confidence will bloom.

This step can be challenging, but focus on it and you will master it!

LEARN To Smile

“Lots of Smiles a day can keeps a doctor away"

It’s free
It always works
Add 100’s of stars to your confidence

Cute and warm smile will not only make your day shine but can also make other’s day special. Be grateful to what you have in life and learn to smile.


It’s free
It always works
Add 100’s of stars to your confidence

FULFILL Your Dreams

Do you know that all mind sciences experts are agreed on the fact that making goals and achieve them make a person confident and attract good things in life.

The mechanism work behind is that every success you get in your life fills you with extreme level of positive energy that attract more success in life thats why since childhood we always advised to divide long term goals into several short term goals.

Make goals for your life and accomplished them. Feeling of success and achievement fills you with confidence.

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25 Tiny “Extras” That Automatically Improve Your Diet Plan

These tips can add a lot to your current diet plan. You can practically cut extra 500 calories out of your diet using these tips.

1. Make a delicious low fat mayonnaise by combining one teaspoon of Dijon mustard or satay sauce with a low fat yogurt.

2. Do not skip meals. Skipping meals slicks the body into slowing down the metabolism, attempting to conserve calories during a period where limited fats and fuel are available. Remember that eating increases the metabolism.

3. Stuff vegetables like capsicum and zucchini with flavored fillings or minced chicken, white meat or fish. These are healthy and contain low fat.

4. Take pita bread roll ups or wraps with salad fillings.

5. Eight hours after waking up, our metabolism slows down that is why 30 minutes of exercise before dinner will increase the metabolism for about two to three hours. This produces an increase in burned fat even hours after the work out is over.

6. Add alfalfa or mung beans to salad to get extra iron.

7. Good cooking and healthy eating begins with learning about nutrition and how to prepare healthy recipes.

8. Learn to make the family favorite healthy recipes and make sure that fats, salt, and sugar are cut out. Substitute non-fat yogurt for cream, stir-fry without oil and use herbs and spices instead of salt to taste.

9. Consult the doctor before beginning an exercise or weight loss program.

10. Slowly eat and chew each bite during meals as this would decrease one's appetite.

11. Complete three small meals and two snacks everyday instead of one or two huge meals.

12. Use chicken stock when stir-frying. This will cut down on hidden fat.

13. Buy non-toasted muesli instead of the toasted ones. A plate of toasted muesli contains more fat than a plate of bacon and eggs.

14. As much as possible do not remove the skins of fruits and vegetables since most of the nutrients are concentrated under the skin.

15. Warm water with just a squeeze of lemon juice before breakfast get the metabolism going for the day, this also help preventing constipation and is excellent for the skin.

16. One of the best sources of vegetable protein is from soya beans or tofu. All legumes provide some protein, so include lentils, lima beans etc into casseroles and soups.

17. Look for a weight loss "buddy," club, or support mates. This will motivate you to stay and enjoy your weight loss program.

18. Though it's hard at first, try not eating 3 hours or more before bedtime.

19. Make pasta a fast food choice - preparing a pasta meal or salad will only take 10-12 minutes.

20. Chilli helps to speed up metabolism - even the milder varieties.

21. Try making omelettes without adding the yolks! A dramatic decrease in fat.

22. Find substitute of baking soda, baking powder, MSG and soya sauce in cooking.

23. Remove fat by dropping ice cubes into the baking tray. Fat will stick to the ice cubes.

24. Drinking hot water instead of cold water in the morning can increase the speed of your metabolism and burn more calories.

25. Eat before you go for food shopping and always prepare a shopping list. Only buy food which relates to your weekly menu plan and don't be tempted to buy goodies.


Add these tiny extras to your current diet plan and see the difference yourself. Now you can’t make any complains about your inefficient diet-plan.

Take Away:

Make sure to practice the right discipline to promote consistency on the diet plan. This will lead eventually to a healthy life-style and a more fruitful living without the extra fat and extra pounds on the side.

Stay Fit and enjoy a healthy living.
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3 Simple Techniques To Relieve Stress For Busy Women

House wife, Working Women, Mom of naughty’s, College girl or Work at home blogger like me. No matter which occupation we belong we all are facing kind of stress everyday.

Let face the truth…

You can’t avoid stress completely as It’s a gift of 21st century but you can do things to relieve from this daily stress and enjoy relaxation.

What should I do to relieve from stress?

Whenever you asked me I’ll recommend you to meditate. (Short, Simple and Sweet Solution)

Meditation is the best ways to relieve stress and get peace of mind.

What If you can’t meditate or just don’t have enough time for it?

I personally don’t think you can’t take 15 minutes a day for your own well being but if this is the case (only if this is the case and not your lazinessJ) then you can try these (one or all) simple techniques to get relive from daily stress. They don't even require any practice.

Breath To Relieve Stress

Are you having a hectic day or dealing with some stressful situation?
Just stop for a minute and take a deep breath through your nose, filled your lungs with fresh air, and let all tension drain out of your body when exhale.

Do this several times a day.

When you are angry TAKE a DEEP BREATH.

Your boss is shouting on you relaxed get back to your room and TAKE a DEEP BREATH.

Getting bored reading this blog


Walk your Way To Relieve Stress

You may find meditation bothering or just can’t get time for it but could you arrange few minutes to walk in your garden.

10 minute walk could be a great stress reliever.

Whenever I get stressed I usually spend few minutes, about 10 minutes, alone and go for a walk at near garden. Walking on slightly moist green grass really boost up my mood and release all tension out of my body and mind. Sometimes I walk for an hour and can’t tell you how much relaxed I feel that time.

Try it yourself and let me know how you feel.

Take a Bubble Bath

You were busy all day can’t managed to spare few moments for yourself.
You need a break baby.

Why not end a hectic day with a nice bubble bath.

Select the soothing music of your choice, light few aroma candles, add your favorite bubble bath, oil or bath salts into the tub, close your eyes, and enjoy the peaceful quiet of a long soak.

Let all your stress get away with warm shower and get into the bed stress free.

Stress free night sleeps is a gift. It compliments you with glowing younger looking skin and refreshing start for the next day.

One More Simple But The Most Effective Technique: Love Yourself

Love yourself.

Once you’ll do this you’ll never get stressed. You’ll take some time out of your busy schedule for your own well being. You’ll never let stress affect your life.

Give yourself a little favor today and get easy-to-pick “1001 Ways To Relax and Reduce Stress” to bring positive changes in your life.

Read it when you’re freaking out, in emotional pain, when things are just getting out of your hand, or just want to divert your attention from bad memories towards some good place.

Keep it with you. You’ll thank me later for it.

Wish you a happy stress free living and lots of fun with love ones.
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